*Downtown Neon Gallery is located in downtown Kansas City and has been handcrafting Neon signage and Neon Artwork since 1988. Yep! That’s 31 years in the Neon business!  

We have “Unique Glass for Unique Class” bringing light to the world using Neon as the primary source. Our art encompasses a multitude of medias to create a new perspective to the world around us, as Neon brings light… other medias bring depth and understanding of creativity.

If you can dream it, we can create it. If you have it …we can restore it!

Our specialization of restoration of antique signage is complex and detailed. We can take something old and make it new again or we can use a withered piece of signage and create an art marvel. It’s our unfiltered creativity that blends the old with the new making restoration, Expressionism Art, as it truly is recognized for in the Art world.

If nostalgia is what you are wanting, then we can create any handcrafted Neon, or other media item, to take on the theme or era you desire. Let’s get Bob’N to the 50‘s or Do you want to Fly Like an Eagle in the 70’s?

It doesn’t matter cuz we can “Jam on it”, like MJ!  Let us "Light your World Up", The Neon Warrior way!

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Certified Neon Technician & Industry Professional Since 1988

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*Our specialization is the restoration of antique signage. We have a diversified approach to the bending of complex elements adding depth and value to all endeavors.

Do you have a sign you would love to see restored to its original beauty?

We can make it sparkle again!

Call us at 816-472-1190 and

let us restore it! We have restored some of the most recognized signs in Kansas City & beyond.

Need a lift?

We offer white glove service ...ask Thomas how we can get your sign restored and delivered anywhere in the USA!

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pontiac face Sign Restore - Downtown Neo
pontiac Sign Restore - Downtown Neon
Fishing Tackle
Soda Fountian Clock
Downtown Neon Gallery - Light Rock
Hold my Tongue
Dairy Queen
Pontiac Service - Porcelain & Neon
fun house
Wall of Neon - The Neon Warrior
Thomas Cobian - The Neon Warrior

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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*Custom Neon Signs, are a unique and attention grabbing way to covey a message!

Are you looking for something to complement your personal decor?

We can will work with you to create a show stopping "talk piece" to display proudly in your home, office or outdoor space.


Neon Business Sign 3 Little Pigs
Neon Business Sign 3 Little Pigs

Neon Clock and Business Sign
Neon Clock and Business Sign

Neon Building Sign - Valentine
Neon Building Sign - Valentine

Neon Business Sign 3 Little Pigs
Neon Business Sign 3 Little Pigs


Neon Beer Signs


*Neon Beer Signs-(Vintage & New) created, repaired, and restored. Do you have a favorite brand that you would like to "Light up"? Let us "Light up your World" with Unique Custom Neon Beer Sign. We have a wide array of Neon Beer Signs ready to meet their new destiny! Do you have multiple locations? We can do mass quantities to "Light up" your locations. Give us a call and we can do a consultation and get your location "Lit Up"! We handcraft all Neon on site so, yep, it's Made in America! - Designed and Crafted by The Neon Warrior

Neon Repairs


*We can repair it all using master neon craftsmanship! When you need us we are here. We can repair any Neon piece. We are prompt and our devotion to quality ensures the highest level of excellence in every project small and large. Our commitment to creating the best possible experience and product for our clients is clear as we are open 7 days a week to create, repair, and restore ANYTHING! Give us a call ... ask for The Neon Warrior

Historical Restorations of Neon and Porcelain Enamel Signs


*Historic Neon Signs are an integral part of America History. We can take any historic sign from past and restore it. Your nostalgic sign is a way people recognize your business and in most areas serve as directional points. Let us "Light up your World" again with a complete restoration. We do consultations to make sure the true glory of your business is personified using a "Made in USA" handcrafted approach that preserves your historic signs and the historic character of your business & building.

Unique Custom

Neon Clocks

*Let us dazzle you with light! We create Unique Custom Neon Clocks that are handmade in our Studio here in Kansas City, Mo. We can create a wide range of clocks using any motif you desire. If deco is your thing let us Roar you into the 20's and 30's with a fine line retro clock that depicts the true sentiment of the time. If you want something BOLD we can create Large Neon Clocks to go on top of your business to show the community where you are and creating a landmark - "Meet Me At The Clock". Time is on our side and we are happy to make it Glow for ya!

Soda Fountian Clock_edited.jpg

Handpainted Signs

Brand & Identity

Neon Signs


*Do you have a tagline or slogan? Maybe there's a icon or picture that is associated with your business. Let us "Light up Your World" with a "Made in USA" handcrafted business identity neon sign or unique neon piece of art. The American Neon movement is in full motion let us help you be apart of it!

Retro Neon Clocks

Deco Neon Clock_edited.jpg

*Made in USA, with Pride by The Neon Warrior - Let us create a one of a kind "talk piece" that represents your custom decor. We can create Neon clocks for any home or office decor just call us and "Let us Light up your World!"

Unique Custom

Wedding Gifts


*We create love with every bend we make as our passion lights the path to love. Neon makes Love SHINE bright...give a custom wedding gift that will last. The NEON WARRIOR can make your design come true!

Give us a call 816-472-1190!